Effective marketing equals increased traffic

Your marketing strategy is essentially defined by your objectives. We have provided you with some initial planning steps and resources to assist as you are getting started.

The Five E's of Site Marketing

1. Enunciate: a) Define your target-audience and objectives clearly. Who are you trying to reach? Successful marketing is more archery than hand grenade. Define specific profile(s) you will target. b) What are you trying to communicate and what specific functions do you want your site to perform?

2. Enumerate: What are the most effective ways to put your Internet address in front of the people you most want to see it? Brainstorm. List every idea you can think of. Keep this list and continue adding to it.

3. Equity: Develop a two-fold strategy. Online and offline marketing are very different mediums which require unique planning and development. Your target audience may dictate greater emphasis on one of these strategies. However, strive to maintain some level of equity. Each medium has its strengths and areas of opportunity. Take full advantage of them.

4. Evaluate: Monitor your strategy and develop methods that help you understand and measure what works and what does not. Focus on what is effective. Talk to your site visitors. Find out how they discovered your site.

5. Evolve: Use evaluation to enhance and improve on your approach. Keep learning. Surf the web for marketing resources. Bookmark helpful sites. Don't be afraid to try new and creative ideas. Develop partnerships and make personal contacts on the internet with persons pursuing similar objectives. Share information. Evolve to a higher internet life form!

Online marketing methods:

Search engines:
Search engines allow users to enter keywords to locate resources on the Internet. Different search engines work differently. An indexed search engine like Yahoo requires you to locate where you want your site to appear within its categorized listing. Other search engines may have robots that scan your site and fully index your pages noting the content.

When adding your URL to the larger engines you may want to do some brief research about the engine and how it works. This will allow you to tailor your submission and maximize your chances of a return that is on page 2 or 3 instead of page 10.

Search engines that scan your site often look for meta tags. Meta tags are inserted into the HTML coding of your site. They provide a sampling of keywords that describe your site and a brief description. If you would like us to include meta tags in your site design you will need to send us a list of 10-15 key words in the hierarchical order you would like them to be listed. Also include a 20-25 word description of your site.


Once we have added the tags you can return to this page and begin the registration process. Find this all too confusing or don't want to spend the time? We can register your site with over 400 engines for $99.

Local directories and bulletin boards (BBS):
You may want to explore a local directory or bulletin board. If your focus is within a specific geographic region these avenues will be most helpful to you. Take the time to explore what opportunities exist. You may be able to advertise your site on a local bulletin board service.

Banner exchanges:
Advantages: 1) the service is usually free 2) you can usually monitor your hit-appearance ratio 3) once setup it does not require your time or energy, you simply receive advertising credits for each time your site is visited.  Disadvantages: 1) is not effective for local/regional site with a local market 2) advertising for others means there is a chance someone visiting your site will leave your site to go somewhere else and not return 3) until you start to generate traffic to your site credits will come slowly.

Permanent exchanges:
Evaluate the types of sites or businesses that may attract persons with your target profile. Locate sites that may be willing to permanently exchange links with your site. Email the webmaster and make a proposal. Obviously this will work best when there is mutual benefit and some degree of equity in current site traffic.

Promotion services and information:
There are lots of people willing to take your money. Make careful decisions as you normally would. Multimedia Marketing Group Inc. is a respected company providing valuable information and resources on Internet marketing. If you are interested in a free multi-search engine submission visit their site for further information and details.

Soliciting directly via newsgroups is usually ineffective and is not viewed favorably by Internet users. However if you participate in a newsgroup discussion be sure to add a "signature line tag" to your email which includes your site address. People who find your contribution valuable often visit your site to find out more.

Email and Mailing lists:
Unsolicited Email (referred to as spam) is viewed very negatively by the Internet community. The Netiquette or rules of conduct on the Internet discourage solicitation by Email. This does not mean that you should never Email someone to let them know about your services. It does mean that you should give careful consideration to the way your letter is constructed and how it may be perceived by the recipient. Most Internet Mailing lists have fair use clauses that prohibit use of list addresses for solicitation. Do not use these lists inappropriately. You will do more damage to your name than good to your bottom line.

Offline marketing

If you already advertise via newspaper, flyers, yellow pages, radio or television your website URL address is a simple value added addition to your current marketing plans. Your website provides you quality volume space to provide detailed information about your products and services. Simply add your URL address to your current advertising.

Business cards and stationery:
Simply add your URL. Another simple yet effective way to spread the word about your website.

Public contact:
Convention? Gathering? Meeting? Post your URL. Generate interest, hold a contest, give something away, provide a community service.

Word of mouth:
Communication in this manner is very effective. Especially if there is something exciting you have to offer. Word spreads quickly. For this to be effective you need a simple URL address that is easily remembered and shared. That is one of the reasons you chose us!